Tanja Keller – Executive and Employee Coaching

The solutions for changes and personal difficulties often already lie within us and need to be purposefully untapped, or even challenged. As a systemic coach I act as a neutral confidant who will work with you to develop solutions and attain your personal goals. My methods always involve the system in which you interact, in other words the social and professional environment in which you work and its possible reactions to change.

Tanja Keller - Executive and Employee Coaching

Based on your values, your needs, and your environment we will find a way towards a healthy energy and work life balance, for example. I also offer support in your development in a leadership role and your personal leadership style, with the creation of a team culture, or your career development. I can help you to deal purposefully with change, such as a new direction, a new position, or coping with organizational restructuring both as a manager or as an employee.

I welcome your open feedback, whenever you choose to give it. The content of our discussions is always treated with the utmost discretion. My aim is that you see with your heart. Not only what is, but what can be.

«It is good to be alive because living is beginning, always, every moment.»
(Cesare Pavese)

1. What is Coaching?

Coaching is not psychotherapy. It is rather a directed consultation with a neutral adviser with the aim of uncovering and developing personal strengths and desire for change. Triggers for coaching can be tension or personal conflicts in a professional context that can significantly limit the performance of a team member or the entire team. Systemic coaching not only considers the individual personality of the client but also focuses on the competing interests of professional and private roles and the social, organizational, and professional environment. Goals are determined solely by the client and result in new ideas, new courses of action and increased autonomy and quality of life.

2. How does Coaching work?

Personal responsibility and autonomy, and being open for new perspectives form the cornerstone of my systemic, process-oriented approach to coaching. I always adapt the scope and structure of coaching to your personal needs or the situation in the company.

Tanja Keller - Coaching

3. Where does Coaching take place?

    • By telephone/Skype ( for Germany, USA, Europe)
    • At your company
    • At my business premises in Heidelberg


4. What could be triggers and topics for Coaching?

Career and personal development

    • You want to take the next step on the career ladder but don’t know where it should take you? Develop a new career outlook.
    • Your working environment has changed as a result of reorganization or restructuring? Learn how to get the best out of the situation.
    • You are happy with your job but would like to develop personally? Identify new potential and perspective.


Support for a new role as executive

    • You are in a new executive role? Discover how you want to live this role and your own leadership style.
    • You are now the boss on your former team? Find your way to strengthen relationships while still fulfilling your new role.
    • As manager you have to implement an organizational change process? Learn how to cope with change and best support your employees.
    • You would like to establish a good team culture? Discover how you can do this, what your contribution needs to be, and what you can expect from your employees.
    • You are leading a team that is split over several locations? Set the framework for an constructive team culture and efficient cooperation.


Work Life Balance

    • You are not happy in your career and want to find out what you actually need to be happy in your work?
    • You enjoy your job but you are overexerting yourself? Work with me to find the right balance, allowing you quality of life for the long-term (burn-out prevention)
    • You are searching for the right life balance? Explore some new possibilities and recognize your needs.


Tanja Keller

Executive Coach and Consultant

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How I work

systemic | holistic | solution-driven | respectful | challenging | empathic

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Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training (dvct) e.V.

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