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Focus: Leadership performance, leading teams, leadership culture

As a systemic organization developer I support businesses during change projects, consulting and accompanying decision-makers in the conception and implementation of organizational development and change projects. My services include consulting, moderation and Coaching. I can help you to analyze and structure change, to challenge contexts, and to develop new perspectives and approaches. As your neutral antenna I pick up on the moods and interpersonal relationships within your team.

Tanja Keller - Consulting

«A new management concept requires above all that people change their behavior.» (Horst Wildemann)

When organizations or processes are restructured, economic considerations usually take priority. Yet how can you succeed in retaining healthy, motivated employees who work together, bring performance and contribute to the culture of your company? Your target vision needs to be outlined at the outset and incorporated in your change plan. I am convinced that is vital to acknowledge the old and the established when changing processes and organizations.

«A crisis is a productive state; you simply have to get rid of its aftertaste of catastrophe.» (Max Frisch)

My wealth of experience at home and abroad and my ability to observe in detail mean that I am in a position to support and accompany your change projects. Together with your employees we formulate what the restructure means for them, where the opportunities lie, and what meaningful and target-driven leadership can look like.

At a glance – My core topics in consulting

Analysis and Diagnosis

    • How complex are the organizational structures?
    • How dynamic are they?
    • What organization or team culture is in place?
    • Diagnosis of challenges specific to the organization

Definition of goals:

    • Formulation of a target vision.
    • What are the criteria for success?
    • What time frame is needed to ensure the entire system experiences the required change?


    • Formulation of change process considering interaction levels and process of all employees involved.
    • How to attain your goals yet still retain optimum control of the organization?
    • How to develop and strengthen the culture?


    • Include employees (workshops, sounding boards, seminars, timely release of information).
    • Train people and system: Project management for the development of training curricula.
    • Build and develop effective teams
    • Develop and support executives (through coaching, or shadowing).
    • Establish feedback loops to ensure you stay on track.

Tanja Keller

Executive Coach and Consultant

Ehretstrasse 9
69469 Weinheim


Mobile: +49 1520 19 53 322
Skype: tanjakellercoaching
E-mail: mail@tanjakeller.com

How I work

systemic | holistic | solution-driven | respectful | challenging | empathic

Member of:

Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training (dvct) e.V.

Tanja Keller dvct Certificate Coach

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